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Areas of Expertise



The best "tried and true" method to make an impact within the financial community is to meet with investors face-to-face. PLR operates in nearly all key investor hubs in North America, and can tailor an effective non-deal roadshow around corporate events and management's schedule.


The startup and micro-small cap marketplace is a fierce and evolving frontier that requires experienced advice from experts who are deeply entrenched in the particularities of this space. PLR gives you a holistic approach, so your company can get the very best competitive advantage.

Going Public Strategy

Whether it's via a traditional IPO, a reverse merger, SPAC, or through a Regulation A+ of the JOBS Act, PLR has the experience to guide companies through this exciting, yet complicated process in gaining access to the capital markets. From selecting the right team, to generating and executing a full-scale marketing and outreach program, PLR is the right partner to help launch your company public. 


Whether it's a crisis within the company, the industry, or the entire marketplace, you can trust PLR to be that experienced partner you'll need. Being in business for over 40 years, throughout market crashes and downturns, and every imaginable crisis, PLR will assess the crisis at hand, develop a game plan, and execute..


Make sure your investment thesis is disseminated to the right audience. PLR is backed by an in-house, proprietary database of investors built since the firm's inception and cultivated on a daily basis. No matter the industry specialization, company size or stage of development, PLR brings its clients to the RIGHT audience.


From identifying the key players involved in your trading, to finding an ideal source of capital, to discovering who's investing in your peers (but not your company), PLR possesses the necessary tools to keep you informed and prepared to make critical decisions.



It's always going to be a competition for an investor's attention. It is critical for companies to provide clear, concise and consistent messaging at every opportunity. Written communications are key components of  successful investor relations programs. Strategically positioning a company through the written word is a key element of investor communications. We help our clients communicate to investors, media and other constituents, while capitalizing on our strong relationships, expertise and technological resources. PLR speaks the "language of Wall Street," taking the most intricate stories and presenting them to a wide investor audience.


Our philosophy about the importance of investor outreach has never changed. We have always believed that companies must communicate on a regular basis with their shareholders and key stakeholders – in good times as well as bad. When companies partner with PLR, they can be sure to have a dedicated team of spokespeople educating and informing the investment community about your company, on an ongoing basis. While our philosophy has not changed, the means of delivery continues to change, as we take advantage of important technologies that have impacted the way we have done business over the years.