We are a premier full-service boutique investor  relations and corporate communications firm.  For four decades our company has functioned as a principled and responsible liaison with Wall Street for our notable clients. Our commitment to conduct our services in a timely, efficient and ethical manner through creative, innovative strategies has put us and kept us in the forefront of our industry.


Our years of experience have added leverage by the relationships we have all around the country as found in our massive and impressive database. Few have ridden the market and economic roller coaster as we have, and yet we have managed to maintain a steady course that we are most proud of. 


Our clients, who represent a cross-section of industries, including technology, biotech, medical device, manufacturing, business services and retail, consistently turn to us for the best in investor relations, media and editorial services. We provide services of the highest reliability,  integrity and quality that convert information into maximum long-term shareholder value.

Navigating for the Future


PLR Celebrates

40th Anniversary

We have been the choice of many companies over the years, and have earned the reputation of putting our clients in front of the 'right' audience. We've been successful at aggressively telling our clients' stories, increasing institutional ownership, gaining media coverage and retaining positive stock activity.